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Fundamentals of English Grammar Student Book with EOR (4e) -5%

Fundamentals of English Grammar Student Book with EOR (4e)

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Fundamentals of English Grammar Student Book with EOR (4e)Fundamentals of English Grammar Student Book with EOR (4e)
1 400 грн.1 330 грн.
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The world’s most trusted grammar source for clear, direct, and comprehensive instruction, the Azar-Hagen Grammar Series — blends grammar instruction with communicative methods. Grammar is the springboard for developing all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. With clear, user-friendly charts and engaging, interactive practice, it’s easy to see why this classic series remains the top-selling text in its field year after year.


Clear charts and explanations

  • Examples accompanied by easy-to-understand explanations and minimal terminology.

Direct, in-depth grammar practice

  • Immediate application of grammatical forms and meanings.
  • Variety of exercise types including warm-up, reading, listening, comprehension, completion, interview, and writing.

Comprehensive corpus-informed grammar syllabus

  • Written vs. spoken usage in formal and informal contexts.
  • Teacher’s Guide includes step-by-step teaching suggestions for each chart, notes on key grammar structures, and vocabulary and expansion activities.
  • Test Bank offers additional quizzes, chapter tests, mid-term, and final exams, and Chart Book contains the grammar charts.
  • Teachers can use the eText as a classroom presentation tool and the ExamView® software to customize their tests.
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